07/09/2015Properties: A value to keep!

Properties: A value to keep!

Since 2008, Greek properties' offering prices have dropped over 50%.

Though, other High value trede product prices, have collapsed much more, over the past 6 years. Those are stocks, used cars, boats e.t.c. Why is that?

let's never forget what "grandpa's motto" said. A good property will never lose it's trade value. It may raise or drop it's name value, but never the Exchange value. That means it will always cost a lot of stocks, or cars, or Money. It will offer a place to live, it will offer a better life quality, and under certain circumstances, it will produce Money. This is the reason everybody wants one of his/her own, his/her "own home".

Among the rest of the high value exchange products, properties in Top location, hold or even raise their actual Market value.

Few of them, are going to be those that will be highly sought after in time!